Facing Demand for Greater Flexibility, Organizations Extend Remote Options

By Erin Reed

As businesses reopen to allow in-person work, our team was curious how our customers were adapting. A recent survey of Built customers, which spans various industries, showed that less than half of respondents have most of their employees working in-person. With 59% of organizations continuing to operate in remote or hybrid environments and many customers reporting permanent changes to their workplace policies, the potential long-term effects of the pandemic are apparent.

Current Workplace models of Built Customers

The survey results confirmed a shift from temporary remote operations to more permanent workplace policy changes. Meeting employee demand for greater flexibility was reported as the primary driver for these changes, followed by uncertainty around Covid-19. Other factors for policy change included saving on overhead costs, the ability to recruit from different locations, and considering staff morale.

While not all organizations can operate remotely, the survey signified that a market is growing for remote and hybrid work opportunities that will compete for talent. An organization’s ability to attract and retain talent may become more challenging if it cannot meet this demand for flexibility.

If your organization is still unsure of the best policy for your workforce, you are not alone. Many organizations reported they are uncertain about making a policy change and are still considering how to adapt to the current environment. Just because the demand for more flexibility is there doesn’t mean it is the right direction for every organization. Operating in a hybrid or remote environment requires careful planning and new processes to ensure high productivity levels. In addition, company culture and employee camaraderie can take additional effort and creativity to maintain.

At Built, understanding these significant shifts in how teams operate helps us create tools and simplify processes to support a potentially more dispersed workforce. While our leadership team also continues to navigate the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, we recommend careful consideration before adapting your current policies. Stay focused on the right balance for your organization and ensure your current policies are transparent and well communicated.