Your Organization is Made of Positions

By Brett Derricott

You’ve heard it said over and over again: People are your most important asset. If you want to build a great company, you will need to recruit and retain great people. There is certainly ample reason for company leaders to be focused on their people.

But people come and go. Even the best organizations deal with turnover. The people your organization employs today won’t be the exact same people you have on the roster next year. So as important as people are, they are not what your organization is made up of.

Your organization is actually made up of the positions that those people move in and out of. The infrastructure or architecture of your organization (whatever metaphor you want to use) is your positions; it’s not your people.

Not sure you believe me yet? Let’s consider a few questions:

  1. Before you ever hire a person, what exists? The position that person will fill.
  2. When a person gets a promotion, what’s really happening? They are moving through the established position hierarchy of your company.
  3. When a person leaves your organization, what do they leave behind? An open position that you need to backfill.

Although these are simple examples, they do point to a serious, fundamental data problem within HR Tech: If positions are what your organization is made of, where does all of the data about your positions live? Where would you go to view a complete list of all positions in your organization? What system could give you insights about your positions, including the history of those positions?

Over the last decade there has been a lot of innovation within the HR Tech industry. There are more and more tools available to help you recruit, pay, manage, and train your employees. But those tools are all people centric. They weren’t built to help you plan and manage your positions.

Until now, your only viable option for position management has been Microsoft Excel. But for the first time, you now have a choice. Instead of creating your own position management system within a spreadsheet, you can now use Built, the world’s first system of record for position data.

Built integrates with your existing HR systems to seamlessly improve your existing processes and data, and we eliminate the time-consuming workarounds you're doing today. Schedule a demo with our team to see how we can truly change the way you do business.