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Ready for a data-driven org chart tool that goes beyond a static picture? With powerful data integrations, Built gives you interactive, dynamic, and collaborative org charts.

People use the org chart more frequently because it's easier to access and make changes.
Keith Biggs HR Director

Get an Always-Accurate View of Your Org

Easy to Build and Update

Built integrates with your existing tools, so whether you use an ERP, HRIS, ATS, or something else, your org chart will always be up to date - no manual work needed.

Interactive and Dynamic

Easily make changes using drag and drop. Add people, departments, dotted line reporting relationships and more.

Fully Customizable

Choose what data to display on cards. Access important metrics like span of control, headcounts, and open positions. Switch between display options with a single click.

Simple to Navigate

Pan, zoom, and explore a comprehensive view of your entire organization. Drill down in a specific department, or do a quick search to find a person by name, title, skill, and more.

Visual and Smart

Choose data elements by which to color code people or positions on your org chart to quickly visualize patterns and trends. Color code by multiple data elements at one time.

Easy Access to Info

Click into anyone’s profile directly from the org chart to see their skills, education, experience, interests, and more.

Organizational Chart Software

Plan for the Future With Unlimited Scenario Charts

Explore Hypothetical Changes

Build, analyze, and test possible scenarios for growth, reorgs, downsizing, or aquisitions.

Analyze Scenario Chart Metrics

Access key metrics to spot trends, capitalize on opportunities, and make decisions more strategically.

Merge Changes to Official Chart

Once you’ve fine tuned a scenario, easily merge those changed back to your official chart or export a list of changes to import to your ERP or HRIS.

Go Beyond Traditional Hierarchy

Go beyond traditional top-down hierarchies with matrix, project, team or other reporting structures.
Online Org Charts

Strategize with Collaborators

Involve Others in Planning

Collaborate with key stakeholders to plan for organizational changes.

Set Advanced Permissions

Decide what information employees and admins can see by assigning unique permission levels.

Export, Print, and Share

Export to PDF, CSV, and other popular formats. Share within your organization while protecting sensitive data, publish public charts, or use our Smart Printing feature.

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