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Ready to take your succession planning to the next level? Meet our intuitive, chart-based Succession Planning solution for identifying and preparing your candidate pool, eliminating plan risks, and collaborating on plans with stakeholders.

The longer you spend your time disorganized, chasing down multiple spreadsheets and manually inputting information, the less time you have to plan and prepare for growth.
Ben Harrison, VP of Operations
Employee Succession Planning

Create Succession Plans for Your Most Important Positions

Identify Critical Positions

Identify and track positions with high importance, retirement risk, flight risk, and strategic impact.

Visualize Plan Status

Color code by plan status to quickly identify missing and at risk plans. Highlights areas where succession plans are poorly developed and require attention.

Plan for Sustainability

View and update plans within the context of your organization. Business succession planning doesn’t have to be clunky and archaic.
Succession Management Software

Find and Track Candidates

Build Ranked Candidate Lists

Search your organization for skills, licenses, certifications, positions, and more. Quickly add candidates to succession plans and drag to reorder.

Track Candidate Metrics

Track candidate readiness, flight risk, and more to help determine your organizaion’s bench strength.

Access Employee Information

Dig into more information about each candidate with a single click. Color code by employee data like title, department, status, location, and more.

Retain Key Employees

Help employees understand growth opportunities and skill development required for internal movement.
Organization Succession Planning

Visualize and Understand Succession Plan Health

Uncover Plans with Risk

Find potential problems faster by automatically flagging employee succession plans that have risk.

View Data-Rich Reports

Utilize automated reports and a customizable dashboard to dig into candidate pool demographics, impending retirements, and more.

Share and Collaborate

Create transparency in your organization as you share and collaborate with key stakeholders. Succession management has never been so easy.
Succession Planning System

Develop Talent

Identify Skill Gaps

Collaborate with managers and mentors to define key skills and methods to prepare employees for upward mobility.

Log Progress on Employee Records

Document employee progress, creating transparency around succession management.

Level Up Critical Skills

Document the skills and attributes required for an employee’s success in a future position.

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