Scenario Planning: A Proactive Imperative for Modern Leaders

Effective scenario planning can mean the difference between an organizational culture that is reactive

Jeanne Merchant

What is Position Management (AKA Position Control)?

With all of the turnover happening as part of the Great Resignation/Reshuffling/Whatever, your organization...

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Identify your Critical Positions with 6 Key Questions

Creating a sustainable organization requires understanding which positions you need today and in the...

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How to Create an Org Chart

As organizations grow in size, they often grow in complexity as well. When an organization is small...

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Positions Come First in a Strategic Framework

We sat down with CEO and founder of Built, Brett Derricott, to understand how position management...

Ann Fish

How a Finance Giant, Football Club, and Tech Company Approached Succession Planning

Developing succession plans for your organization can feel like starting a race with no end in sight...

Ann Fish

Scenario Planning for Organizational Sustainability

Whether your organization is experiencing rapid change or things seem calm for the moment, the future...

Brett Derricott

Benefits of an Online Org Chart

Organizational charts have been around a long, long time. The first org charts were reportedly created...

Brett Derricott