Add-Ons to Expand Your Solution

Go beyond our core modules with additional features at little or no cost.

PTO Tracking

Easily track time off for vacation, sick, personal and other types of leave. Save time with powerful accrual and approval processes.

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Track time through timesheets or clock ins/outs. Leverage our intuitive mobile app for on-the-go tracking. Fully integrated with our PTO tracking tools.

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Employee Directory

Replace that outdated directory you've been sending around the office. Give everyone in the company an always-accurate, digital directory.


Upload and store company or employee documents, and even let your employees complete and sign forms online, in the browser.

Employee Onboarding

Save time with electronic onboarding for new hires. Allow new employees to learn more about the people they work with by giving them access to an up-to-date org chart.

Asset Tracking

Simplify your record keeping of company property, such as laptops, office keys, and more by assigning assets to specific employees.

Benefit Tracking

Store and assign benefit plans to each employee, including health, vision and dental, or track whether an employee has waived benefits.

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