Position Management/Control Software

It’s about time. That’s what customers say when they discover our modern Position Management/Control solution. Our powerful data integrations make it easy to track vital position data, manage open positions, and budget for headcount and positions.

Awesome app! Position tracking/control is easier because when an employee terminates, it doesn't remove their position off the chart. The best part is the customer service. They will work with you to address your unique needs.
Kelsey Brown, HR Analyst 2
Position Control

Manage All Positions and Data, Including Open Positions

View Position Control Data

Retain position data even when an employee leaves your organization or moves to a new role. Use unique IDs for position control.

Track Position History

Record and store changes to key position data such as location, FTE, etc.

Visualize Position Structure

See open and filled positions in the context of the org hierarchy and edit position data from your org chart.

Import and Export

Import and associate employee data from third party systems. Easily export position management data.
Position Management

Position Control Software for Planning and Budgeting

Compare Compensation

Compare budgeted vs. actual compensation for positions.

Anticipate Hire Dates

Create hiring plans based on anticipated hire dates.

Manage Funding Sources

Add funding sources to your position management processes, allocate funds to positions, and quickly see which sources have remaining funds.
Position Manager Software

Position Management Requires Organization

Create Job Families

Organize positions into job families to enforce consistency.

Standardize Job Definitions

Create and bulk edit titles, duties, and responsibilities using our intuitive position control system.

Customizable Position Control Dashboards

Position Control System

Positions Over Time

Analyze the trends for open and filled positions over time as you do position management and planning.

Position Management Tool

Position Counts

Understand the current number of open, filled, and total positions in your oganization. Break down by department, location, employee type, and more.

Position Control Tool

Position Costs

Analyze high, average, and low compensation costs for positions by department, location, and more.

Position Management System

Vital Positions

Chart the breakdown of high, medium, and low importance positions in your position control dashboard.

Position Control Software

Span of Controls

Improve your position control through tracking and ensuring ideal spans of control in management.

Position Management/Control System

Positions with Reports

Let our position management system help you understand the depth and scope of your managerial positions.

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