Timesheet and Time Tracking Software

Streamline submissions and approvals, automate calculations, and efficiently track overtime based on scheduled hours. Tracking time has never been this easy!

The electronic communication around timesheets is streamlined, making it that much easier for the people in the right positions of authority to approve what they need to.
Dave Mathewson, Pastor

We make time tracking as simple as

Employees Track Time

Employees Track Time

Start and stop timers from desktop or mobile apps, or fill in a timesheet at the end of the day.

Managers Review and Approve

Managers Review and Approve

Managers can review and approve timesheets with a single click and post comments.

View and Export Reports

View and Export Reports

Optimize the process for payroll and billing with prepared reports.

Customize Settings

Customize Settings

Designate Approvers

Designate a timesheet approver to be a direct manager or a specific admin in your organization.

Select an Entry Method

Chose between time clock or manual data entry methods.

Calculate Overtime

Decide whether to display any over or under calculations on the employee’s timesheet.
Save Time with Automation

Save Time with Automation

Send Reminder Email

Designate the day and time to send a weekly reminder email to employees that require timesheets.

Submit or Approve Faster

Employees can submit their timesheet and mangers can approve any timesheets directly from their email.

Comment and Notify

Employees can use the comment box to quickly correspond with managers or administrators designated to approve their timesheet.
Integrate with Paid Time Off

Integrate with Paid Time Off

Automate Calculations

The system will automatically populate any time off that is requested on an employee’s timesheet.

Display Leave Status

The status of a leave request, such as pending, approved, or used is visable on the timesheet.

Request Time off

Employees can complete a time off request directly from their timesheet.

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