Keeping Your Remote Workforce Connected

By Erin Reed

As organizations ride the rollercoaster of 2020 and discover new methods for operating virtually, the ability to maintain company culture has proven more challenging than ever. Without regular morning check-ins, weekly office perks, or the relationships built between coworkers in the break room, you may find yourself struggling to retain and recruit talent. As you settle into this new normal, what will drive your workforce to connect, collaborate, and commit to your organization?

In this new environment, success depends on utilizing the collective knowledge shared by your employees. You need to cultivate creativity and drive team productivity by offering your workforce better access to the diverse skill sets of their coworkers, even while working from home.

Maintain a small business feel, no matter the distance.

Employees of small businesses rave about working for a tight-knit family where their skills are recognized and valued, and their contribution is vital to the success of operations. With limited in-person communication, putting a face to the name, and recognizing a unique skill can help individuals feel valued and improve retention rates, no matter the size of your organization.

Create a team that knows more about one another than just their titles.

As you integrate and onboard new employees, there may be fewer opportunities to build relationships between coworkers. Allowing your employees to search for people with specific skills and learn about their teammates can encourage collaboration. You may even discover that diverse teams are created more organically with the establishment of these stronger relationships.

Encourage your employees to manage and set goals for their own professional development.

Speaking a second language or holding an advanced certification showcases the value an employee provides your organization. Having access to these up-to-date records provides the opportunity to stay on top of any expiring licenses and helps employees manage their own development. Knowledge of a coworker’s skillset may even motivate your workforce to set personal goals and take advantage of opportunities for future growth.

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